Astronaut Star Light Projector

Astronaut Star Light Projector, Starlight Galaxy Projector, Night Light


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Step into a world of cosmic wonder with the Astronaut Star Projector Night Light. Crafted with a 360° adjustable astronaut figure, it fills any space with mesmerizing nebula galaxies and twinkling stars. Control it effortlessly with the remote, adjusting brightness, light modes, and even music for an atmospheric ambiance.

Powered by energy-efficient LED bulbs, Starlight Galaxy Projector ensures long-lasting performance with minimal power consumption. Its innovative astronaut design, featuring a rotatable head, movable arms, and detachable lunar base, adds a touch of space exploration spirit to any décor. Versatile and adjustable, it serves as a night light, mood-setting lamp, or unique decorative piece for bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

Perfect for dreamers and space enthusiasts of all ages, it invites relaxation and awe into any space. Package includes the projector, manual, USB cable, and remote control (battery not included). Embark on a cosmic adventure and transform your space with the Astronaut Star Projector Night Light today!
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